being responsible

American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, USA

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oh the joys of being an adult.

i went home to spokane for a quick (read: less than 36 hour whirlwind family get-together) weekend and spent more money than i had planned on such a simple trip.

my car was due for an oil change – i knew that i would need to schedule one sooner rather than later.  after a discussion with my lovely, we decided that while in spokane i should take it in on saturday morning before the events and festivities really started to get going later in the day.

i knew going in that i would need to get new tires soon – lovely and i had had a converstaion about it on the way in to town late friday night.  when the mechanic said that i really should change them before driving back (and i knew that i probably should – i mean, they were pretty bald) i went ahead and pulled the trigger on the purchase.

we had planned to spend no more than $100 on the weekend trip, but wound up spending near $600 just for the car maintenence.

oh well – that’s what being an adult is all about, isn’t it?

the drive home today will be that much safer, and for that i am thankful.

traveling mercies.


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