seeking satisfaction

Lego at work.

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i have a difficult time going shopping anymore.  i think what it boils down to is that i buy into the lie that i “wont truly be happy unless i have X”.  when the fact of the matter is, is if i did buy “X”, i would only be temporarily happy and at some point in time in the future my dissatisfaction would come back again.

i don’t want more stuff.  i think i do, and there are times that i give into it thinking, “oh, if i only buy this i’ll never want another thing again!” (and i’ve done that a number of times with cds, to name one such item).

these feelings came up today while browsing a local toy store that was having a buy-one-get-one-50%-off lego sale.

if you know me, you’d know that i really enjoy playing with lego.  i enjoy the creativity, the construction aspect, and the ability to make entire “worlds” with them – it’s almost an escape for me from the things of life that seem to weigh me down.

i enjoy them for a while – i do – but there does come a time where, after a while, i put the set aside and move on to something else, forgetting the joy that it originally brought to me.

…and then i’ll repeat the whole thing over again: “oh, i need this item to be truly happy!”

is this an endless cycle that i’ll never be able to figure out?  in what areas do you seek satisfaction?  does it work, or do you always find yourself wanting more?

traveling mercies,


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