collecting memories

Iron & Wine performing at the Swedish American...

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lovely and i got in to a conversation last night over dinner about the importance of collecting memories rather than tangible “things”.

i think i’m at a point now in my life where i really don’t make a big fuss over getting more stuff – when i was a kid, i used to want to get any and every promotion the local minor league baseball team was giving away (even if i never had any use for the item).  now i’m at a point in my life where the less stuff i collect, the better.  my life is already cluttered as it is without extra stuff.

instead of collecting things, i would like to be a collector of memories and friendships.  i want to look back at my life when it is over and think to myself, “man, i truly lived and lived well!”

this morning, a friend of mine sent me a message alerting me to a pre-sale for a concert coming up here in seattle this fall of an artist that i’ve always wanted to see (iron & wine).  i thought about it for a moment – thinking back to my conversation with my lovely just the day before and decided that i only live once.  more money can be made.  memories, not as easily.

i have two tickets, which means i’m looking for a plus one.  if you’re planning on being in the seattle area this fall and want to go, let me know.

we can be friend/memory collectors together. *grin*

traveling mercies,


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