30 day song challenge: day 16

30 day song challenge: day 16: a song that i used to love, but now hate:

“your song” – from moulin rouge

many years ago during my formative college days, my friend had a cassette tape of this soundtrack.

the first few times we rocked it in my car’s amazing cassette player was ok by me – but the more i heard it (and it seemed like we listened to this soundtrack every time we got in the car), the less i liked it.

finally, after what must have been the umpteenth listen to this album, the cassette tape “mysteriously” disappeared and was “missing” for the better part of a semester.

imagine my friend’s surprise when his cassette tape magically appeared on his bed at the end of the school year.

it’s whereabouts during the days it was missing is still a mystery. *grin*


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