30-day song challenge: day 17

30-day song challenge – day 17: a song i hear often on the radio [with a twist]

“man in the mirror” – michael jackson

i’ve got to be honest: i don’t often listen to the radio very much these days.  i think the main reason is is that i don’t spend much time in my car in a given week (seeing as how i only put about 10 miles on my car in a work-week).  there just simply isn’t time for me to listen to the radio while commuting and while i’m at home my radio is seldom tuned in to the FM waves.

that said, i’ll post the first song i can actually remember listening to on the radio (hey, i can do whatever i want in answer to this question – it’s my blog after all).  it was the late 80s, and i remember thinking to myself that i was “going to miss the 80s” when they were over.

and you know what?  i still do miss that decade. *grin*


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