30-day song challenge: day 19

30-day song challenge: day 19 – a song from my favorite album

“drunkard’s prayer” – over the rhine ( from the album drunkard’s prayer)

favorite album?  wow, how do you pare down years of musical exposure to just one album?

if you’re like me, your favorite album can change from time to time (and that’s ok, really).

however, for the last six years since it’s release, this album – drunkard’s prayer – has been at or near the top of my list.

i love how linford (one of the two primary members of the band) describes the origin of the  title of the album in that, “…we also liked the fact that drunkard’s prayer sounded like the name of a race horse, a long shot, a horse with little chance of winning, but the one you’ve got all your money on.”

song for song, this is an incredible album.  if you’ve never listened to over the rhine before, may i recommend that you pick up this album?  (another good place to start would be what many of their fans think is their best album, good dog, bad dog).


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