thank God there’s more to life than sports (a rant about my team)


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allow me to vent for a moment: my team, the team that i have loved since my formative years growing up in eastern washington, the team whose games i would listen to on the radio every chance i got through good times and bad, thick and thin, have hit a new low.

tonight, the seattle mariners lost their sixteenth game in a row.  sixteen.  that’s more than two weeks without a single win.  mind you, some of clubs that they have been up against are the cream of the crop, but still – how can any group of players reach such a level of futility?

i was talking to a friend of mine the other day and we both agreed that we wish that we didn’t care so damn much.  they’ve (the team) broken our hearts time and time again, and yet we still come back for more each and every year because, as the old saying goes, “hope springs eternal”.

if there’s one thing i hate in sports it’s this: bandwagon fans.  fans who only root for their team when they are good, when they are at the top of the standings, when everything is going their way (because of this, i seriously question how many true yankees there really are in this world – seeing as how they’ve had years of success).  as soon as the going gets tough, they jump ship, give up on their team and the fans who stick around even into the late stages of a game hoping beyond hope that by some small miracle, something amazing can happen.

i don’t ever want to be like that.

i jumped on the good ship mariner in 1992 and i haven’t once jumped off since.  despite this tumultuous time in the organization’s history, i won’t give up on them.

it’s in these times that i have to remind myself that there is more to life than sports.  it’s just a game after all.

traveling mercies,

p.s. – i’ve jokingly told a few people that i won’t shave my face until they find a way to win.  i look terrible with facial hair, but not as terrible as the way the team has been playing.  perhaps i’ll post a photo or two before i finally get the chance to shave (which could be a while…)


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