direction, homemade grills, and friendship

i find myself excited that my other blog is taking off in a direction that i hadn’t actually planned for. i’ve met a few new friends along the way, and have enjoyed the dialogue that has started. still, i enjoy the privacy and anonymity that this blog offers – i know few, if any people actually read this, and those that do, i’d like to think i know pretty well (so as that i can be myself).

lovely and i purchased some books today at a local second-hand store. one is all about how to live an organic life and the other discusses practical ways to lessen one’s carbon footprint. in the former book, they even suggest ways in which you can build your own barbecue grill using bricks, a clay pot, and a few other items (such as local charcoal). i’m excited to try it – excited to have people over. i can just picture it now: friends, sitting out on the back porch, sipping beers (i love the northwest) chatting about life, love, beauty, what have you, all while dinner cooks over the clay pots. beautiful. (join me, won’t you?).

i’m learning to live more intentionally – and that’s not something that comes easily for me. my friends are few, but they are those i trust with my life.

i’m learning to take one step a time, to look at things in a new light, and to be honest: honest about how i feel, because they’re my emotions and there is no right or wrong about how you feel.

come on over for some bbq and tales – it’s just not the same without you,


4 thoughts on “direction, homemade grills, and friendship

  1. @aahcoffee – i’m anxious to get started on building it! (i’ve got to wait until payday to pick up the last few pieces) – will let you know how it turns doubt about it being the little things.  lots of beautiful little things makes for a happy life. :)

  2. Just so you know I still follow… from time to time. Keeping up with blogs can be time consuming and I find I don’t write much on my personal one anymore … having to keep up the professional one… sometimes it is just nice to say what you want to say and how you feel. Many blessings friend~K

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