getting away, if only for a few precious moments

one of my most favorite things about living in the seatte area is that you do not really have to go all that far to get far away.

by that i mean from the city center, you can travel less than an hour in pretty much any direction to really get away from it all.

yesterday was one of those days – heading west from seattle, we ended up on bainbridge island to take in the sights and sounds of the island, as well as to take in an ansel adams exhibit that was showing at the bainbridge island historical museum.

two of my favorite things would be feasted on in this particular trip: photography and ferries.  i love looking at people’s photographic work (as well as taking some of my own less-than-professional photographs) and i love riding ferries across the high seas otherwise known as puget sound.

i think the thing that really struck me is that you really don’t have to go all that far to get away from the daily routine.  i think far too often for me, i’m left with this feeling of hopelessness about my situations, thinking that i have to be stuck in the ruts that i have grown so accustomed to, where in reality, all i have to do is do something out of the ordinary to make the day truly extraordinary.

my goal for the rest of the year is to go on an adventure at least once a week – someplace that i haven’t been before, or, if i have been there, to see it with a fresh set of eyes, from a different perspective.

there’s lots to see in this world if we’re only willing to really look, to look beyond that with which our eyes can see.

traveling mercies,



7 thoughts on “getting away, if only for a few precious moments

  1. walk around every corner to see what is there.. no situation is hopeless if we can still look UP! if you get any shots of bridges let me know! I like the pics of rugs.. nice colour!! c

    • i will certainly try to stop by the bridges soon – and of course let you know. :) there’s a drawbridge not too far from the u district here in seattle – i’ll see if i can’t make it over that way soon with my camera. :)

  2. When I lived on Pender those months, my favorite activity was just riding the ferry back and forth. In fact, I was happy they considered me the responsible person who could take kids in hand on their own if they needed to leave the island early- it meant I had the ship to “myself” the whole trip back. And the sway of waters and winds and sky, and any Orcas that might be chancing by…

    • there’s only one problem that i can find with you, kat, and that is that you live too far away. oh the fun we could have taking ferry rides together (with many other good friends in tow to keep in our memories for posterity, of course).

  3. i’ve never been out there, and have always wanted to experience it…but this makes Seattle seem even more worth a visit. and i agree very much with the whole “doing something out of the ordinary” bit. it’s very much needed.

    • you’d love it here – it’s simply incredible. sometimes i’m sad to admit that i take it for granted. it’s posts like these – when i get out of my normal routine (even if just for a bit) that help me see how truly blessed i am to call this area home.

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