libraries + music + adventures + calvin = one extraoridinary life

it is nights like these that remind me of just how simple life really is (i wonder why we as humans try to make it as difficult as possible).

my office window is wide open, the lights turned off, and new music that i just discovered – but should have known about a long time before – plays semi-loudly, creating a sort of sensual thrill that i fail to experience more times than not: depriving myself of one sense, and allowing another to completely take over.

i’ve been looking at photographs tonight and couldn’t help but fall in love with life, it’s beauty, it’s utter simplicity.  i wish that i could transport myself into these photographs and allow myself to soak up every fiber of the whole experience – the bright colors, lush sounds, tastes, and yes, even the dirty knees that are sure to come (and a sign of a life well lived, if you ask me (and calvin, for that matter)).

i’ve a few adventures coming up in my life for which i am anxious and thankful for.  adventures that will keep me close to home and adventures that will take me far from this place, to places that i have only seen in my dreams these last years – yet to places so familiar, that when i return, there will be a part of me that feels as though i have returned to one of the places i think of as home (and probably always will).

i’m thankful for life – for the places it has taken me and for the places that it will take me – for the friends i have met and for the friends i can’t wait to meet and say, ” “what! you too? i thought I was the only one.” (thank you, cs lewis, for allowing me to steal what you so perfectly described as how friendship begins).

go well, friends, and get into some good mischief.

traveling mercies,


3 thoughts on “libraries + music + adventures + calvin = one extraoridinary life

  1. i get caught up in photos too. they can be so inspiring and moving. like making me want to quit my day job and just explore everywhere and everything!

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