eating well full time

i’ve set out a goal for myself this week that i think is attainable with a little bit of work and creativity on my part:

to eat well every meal.

by this i don’t mean quantity. lord knows i could “belly up to the bar” of any local all-you-can-eat buffet place and gorge myself on copious amounts of food only to come home and wish i’d never been born all whilst hugging the porcelain altar.  instead, i mean quality: taking the time to eat things that fall within good eating habits.

breakfast is simple for me.  as i’ve shared in a previous entry, i have oatmeal for breakfast, with a little bit of honey to sweeten it up.  i take the time each morning to prepare it: none of this instant stuff for me, thank you – it’s laden with lots of sugars and additives, and i’d like to avoid those “extras” as much as possible.

lunch is pretty basic too: organic fruits and veggies, as well as an organic turkey sandwich (anyone know of a good organic honey mustard you could recommend?)

it’s come supper time that all bets are off.

i’ve heard that saying that, “if you are what you eat, then i’m fast, cheap and easy.” and sadly, for me, supper is just that: whatever i can get my hands on to quickly, for as cheap as possible, and with as little effort on my part as possible. (mind you, going this route is rarely, if ever, healthy).

my dilemma is this: i often times do not get home from my 9-5 monday-friday job until 6pm or later – and usually by that point the last thing i want to do is to spend copious amounts of time in the kitchen preparing something.  more times than not, i’m ashamed to admit that i’ll swing by one of the many fast food joints located just a mile or so from my home just to save time and effort.

i want to be able to hit my pillow at night knowing that i treated my body well that day: by not putting in it junk food and things that i cannot easily handle.

how do you eat well for suppers with little to no time available to you?

traveling mercies,

p.s. – the soda in the fridge – one of my goals is to cut back on drinking it as much as i can.  i’m ashamed to admit that at one point, i was having two to three cans a day.  now i’m down to one every few days.  it’s a habit i’m working on breaking, as the health benefits are, as you’re aware, nil.

p.p.s. – i love the glass bottles for the milk.  love, love, love them.  i’m totally into trying to reduce waste wherever i can, and glass bottles are just one of many ways with which to do that (but that’s another entry for another day).


7 thoughts on “eating well full time

  1. love the fridge shot! and the glass milk bottles!
    i don’t consider myself an expert — and i’m not a 100% organic eater; though i rarely, if ever, eat fast food. (mainly because i’m cheap, but it also gives me a stomach ache because my body is not used to whatever is in most of it..ha). but i grew up with a mother who always cooked for 12 even though there were 6 of us. you may not be into it, but leftovers make for quick and healthy meals. maybe don’t consider it “leftovers”, but just keeping prepared food on hand. my fridge is full of containers…if i have time one night, i pre-cut up all my fruit and put it in containers. i keep fresh spinach leaves. pre-cut my tomatoes in a container. onions too (in a mason jar though because they smell so strong!). veggies. hard boil eggs, shell them, and have them on handy. make enough chicken salad to last a few days. or grill a few chicken breasts. you get the point…basically i keep enough “ingredients” ready so that when i open the fridge, i can decide how i’d like to combine them into my meal. of course, your tastes may vary from mine. but if you have time to cook something, make more than just for one meal – it saves time in the long run.

    • excellent ideas! i’ve never actually thought about pre cutting fruits and vegetables for enjoyment later.

      i’ve been trying to pack my lunch for work the night before i need it – it’s been a major time-saver in the mornings to just grab my insulated lunch sack and head out the door.

  2. Is that you’re fridge? If so, did you organize and clean it big time before you took the picture? Also, I find the things that usually take a long time to cook are things like brown rice and such….so make lots for the week if you love rice. Also, whole wheat pasta with chicken tomato sauce and lots of veggies is wonderful and won’t take super long to make if you make and freeze tomato sauce ahead of time. I personally keep instant meals out of my house so I have to make everything from scratch (which sometimes I regret as I don’t always prepare things ahead of time). I’m not the most healthy of cooks, I’ll admit, but those are a few things that keep my food healthier.

    • that is, indeed, my fridge – and believe it or not – i did not clean it before taking the shot. all i did in prep for the shot was open the door.

      i’ve got a few instant meals left in the house that i’ve been eating my way through. (i don’t want to throw away food). i’ve found that i’ve actually enjoyed making suppers more now that i actually have to prep things. it makes is all the more personal. :)

  3. I struggle with this, too. I’m at home all day because I run a private home daycare, which means that I’m cooking all day, too. My kids and my extra kids get fresh, homemade, from-scratch meals 99% of the time. But supper at my house is take-out at least once a week, and sometimes more often.

    The solution for us was just to accept that supper was going to be late. We did a 30 Days No Takeout project this spring, and as much as I was sick to death of cooking by the end of it, I learned that a late snack for the kids does wonders for buying us time to cook real food for supper. Could you stock up on healthy snacks to tide you over until you can get a real meal prepared?

  4. It makes me sad when I don’t have time or energy to prepare good food…I take a great deal of joy from creating a delicious, healthy, and esthetically-pleasing meal. It’s one of those times that I feel most like myself. Sadly, it hasn’t happened much lately. This week, though, I did what a few of these commenters mentioned and prepared a dish ahead of time, so I could just warm it up. I have had this strange craving for eggplant lately, so a few days of eggplant parmigiana was belly- and soul-satisfying:) I find this also helps with portion-control, because if presented with the opportunity, I will gleefully eat far more than I should, for which my stomach later punishes me.
    I’ve also discovered alternative instant meals…my city has a huge Indo-Canadian community, so all the grocers carry Indian food. Pre-packaged curries and daals have made for great, quick, and healthier meals, paired with either rice or pre-made naan. I imagine you could have some fun exploring options in your city!

    • half the battle for me is actually planning meals to eat. the other half is scheduling those meals on various days. if i just think “whatever” when i get home, chances are i’ll either end up going out to eat or find something that comes from a box. by my actually preparing a plan for what i’m going to eat on what day, that definitely helps me.
      i like the idea of portion control. one of my biggest problems is eating too fast. i’ve been trying to slow down and enjoy my food more than just getting as much in to me as possible. i’ve found that by doing so, i not only get to taste every bite, but i find that i become full with less food.
      i’m in love with curry. there’s this wonderful indian restaurant not too far from my house that i could pretty much eat every meal at. :)
      i’ll be up in your neck of the woods in a couple of weeks – looking forward to exploring there (as well as some places in my city!)

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