life (or something like it)

i’ve been meaning to check in for a few days now and report that i am still here,  am still looking in to getting into as much trouble as is good for a person in a day.

the funny thing about life is that it continues on with or without our say, so we might as well make the most of every moment.  i like how sam beam of iron & wine said it, “there are things that drift away, like our endless numbered days”.  (did i mention that i get to see him live for the first time in my life this saturday night?  can’t wait.  absolutely cannot wait).

i’ve been meaning to write, and write a lot.  i’ve finally hit that creative “whatever” where i feel like i am coming up with some good ideas, at least some ideas worth putting down with pen & paper, or as the case may be, my fingers and this keyboard.

i’ve this idea for a short story: a modern day robin hood where the protagonist robs the evil lords of cash advance stores to give to the working poor who never seem to get out of debt.  it has the potential to be a lot of fun, i think.  it’s a story that i need to write because lately i’ve felt as though i’m not cut out for this writing business, i don’t feel as though i’ll be any good in my craft.

don’t get me wrong, i’m not out to make a profit on my writing, though i certainly wouldn’t be opposed to ever having a book published and finding a small amount of fame.  i guess what i’m trying to say is that i don’t mind writing for myself (if for no one else) and just sharing my stories for free (some of which i’ve posted online (other than my novel that is because it was a train wreck of epic proportions)).

i’m trying to start to cook more – try more things that i wouldn’t normally have tried just because i was too lazy to make it.  monday night’s dinner was a successful homemade organic cream of asparagus soup that i will definitely make again at some point in the future (and more of it, because delicious soup needs to be shared).

i’ve also started eating less meat in my diet.  i don’t think that i could completely give it up (at least not cold turkey (sorry about the pun) yet, but i’ve got to admit that it has been a lot easier than i originally thought it would be.

for now, i’m trying to be a vegitarian for two meals a day: breakfast and lunch (something that i’ve now done for nearly two weeks) and allow myself if i so desire to eat something with meat in it for dinner (and there have been dinners where i haven’t had meat, thus going the entire day without eating such).

oh, don’t get me wrong: i do make exceptions, like this past sunday when i consumed this beauty.

yes, it was worth the calories

i allow myself one meal a week – the “i don’t give a damn” meal – where i eat whatever it is i feel like that day and don’t worry about the calories or fat therein, thank you very much.  (i think we all need a sanity meal at least once a week).

is it possible that sometimes bad things can be good for us (if taken in moderation, of course)?  if so, i’d like to think that this burger was one of those things.

travel well, my friends.


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