“dumb luck”, moleskines & a good laugh

i really need to start carrying my moleskine around with me everywhere – i mean everywhere.

i have this bad habit of thinking about something that would be fun to write about all the while convincing myself that, “oh, i can remember this until i actually have time to sit down and write!” only to end up staring at the blank screen on the computer with that ever-loved yet ever dreaded flashing insertion point.

i have a moleskine – that’s not a problem.  i just need to remember to carry it around with me. (next time you see me, ask me to show it to you – keep me on my toes!)

a few weeks ago, a friend and i made a bet on a college football game.

my team was the significant underdog – a small college from my home part of the country was taking on the big boys of the city that i now call home.  the “experts” in vegas predicted my team a 19-point underdog, and i took offense to that.

my friend (who is a big fan of the other team) and i decided to make a little wager – nothing too expensive – on the outcome of the game.  we decided on a bottle of beer would go to the winner.

feeling more optimistic than the odds-makers in vegas, i offered her a spread of 13 – meaning that her team had to beat mine by 14 points or more for her to win the bet.  seeing that i was willing to give some points to her team, she took the bet.

my team only lost by 3 points (and nearly won the game, i might add).

today at work she brought me my beer.  as i was walking in to the office past her desk, she handed me a bottle without saying a word.  when i saw the label, i laughed a hearty laugh, a good, soul lifting laugh.  this was what she bought me:

traveling mercies,


8 thoughts on ““dumb luck”, moleskines & a good laugh

  1. Dear Josh,

    I need to order a case.

    Your sincerely,

    P.S. If you’re moleskine goes astray while you’re in my general (and delighted) vicinity, I’ve a whole shelf for you to choose from.

    • dear katrina,

      i’m totally taking you up on that offer for a mokeskine – and perhaps a few books, too? :)

      with deep gratitude,

      p.s. – i’m so very much looking forward to seeing you in – gasp! – 19 days.

  2. I carried a commonplace book around with me for about a year, and then I got a smartphone and figured I didn’t need it any more. So wrong! Also? I am still laughing about that beer. Love it!

    • there’s just something about pen and paper that is so much more romantic and authentic than any sort of technology, no?
      i’m hoping to crack the beer open tonight – life got in the way and i haven’t had a chance to try it yet!

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