call me morbid or weird or whatever, but i’ve always thought that if i were a condemned criminal on death row moments before execution, or if i knew exactly the moment i was going to die, i would like to go out listening to sigur rós’ “festival” – not because it’s long (though it is nine minutes and twenty-four seconds long) – but because it speaks to me in a way no other song has before.

it allows me to feel a wide range of emotions within those nine minutes that i don’t often get the opportunity to feel.

(plus, it’s absolutely breathtakingly beautiful live). :)


2 thoughts on “

  1. I adore that album– rare that a later album can compete for my favorite when I’ve loved a band for more than a decade, but that one really could. I rarely drive anymore, but I actually think it’s a surprisingly great driving album, especially the first song. And I don’t think you’re weird or morbid at all :)

  2. @shattered1mage – i agree with you fully.  that album is definitely near the top of my favorites of theirs.  i actually made my own play list of the songs they performed last time they came through seattle.  i listen to it frequently.  i haven’t taken it for a spin in the car (yet).  i’ll need to do that (soon). :)

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