i received a phone call early this morning from my mom telling me that my grandfather had passed away during the night.

it didn’t come as a complete shock to me that he died – in fact, i knew that he wasn’t doing well physically lately – but what struck me as more of a shock is knowing that i no longer have any grandparents alive.

before i was born, my two grandmothers passed away, so i never got to meet them – i only heard stories about how amazing they were, which created in me a longing to want to spend as much time with them as possible come eternity.

my dad’s dad passed away when i was four –  while i don’t remember much about him, i do have two solid memories of him that i’ll never forget: riding on his electric wheelchair while sitting on his lap and going out for “coffee” at a local diner with my dad and him – mind you, my “coffee” was actually orange juice, but anyway…

with my mom’s dad, he was pretty much the only grandparent i ever really knew.  i could spend hours up at his cabin in middle-of-nowhere northeastern washington state talking about any subject that came to mind.

he was the one who instilled in me a need (yes, a need) to go to antarctica at some point in my life (he’d been to the other six continents and always regretted never making it to the seventh).  with his passing, i feel the need to go there even stronger than ever.

traveling mercies,


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  1. Dear friend, I so sorry, that’s thehardest. When you were here you spoke about your grandfather and your treasuredrelationship with him; so glad for you that you had that chance, but nowthere’s this very real loss of someone irreplaceable, and that will never beokay. Praying for you and your family.  

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