i found what remained of an old novel i had started a year ago. i filed it away, hoping to at some point in the future dig through it and see what can be used for new material and what would be better just thrown away. it’s the start of something, anyway. about twenty-five thousand words or so, so it’s a start of something – what, i’m not sure.

i started my new novel for nanowrimo 2011. day one has been a success – i need to remember how i feel right now in this moment because i know that not every day will be as positive as the one today.

i’m 2,073 words into the new offering, which means i have 47,927 words left to write before i can consider myself a winner in this year’s novel quest.

i’m going to check in here every day and confess to whoever may read this (or possibly just to myself) just how far along in my story i really am.

today: 2,073 words

total so far: 2,073

words remaining: 47,927

% towards goal: ~4%

i don’t have anything by way of a title yet, but an idea came to me on my way home from the library tonight. we’ll see if the story takes me in that direction or not. truth be told, i’m not worried about a title – that will come when it wants to. for now, my focus is on my characters and telling their stories.

travel well, friends.


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