perspective image by somebody_ via flickr

i was having a small woe-is-me pity party last night because i’ve got some home repairs that need to be taken care of soon. i allowed myself to have this “party” even though i knew full well that i’ve got a friend who can help me fix this issue.  in the big scheme of things, it really isn’t that big of a deal.

while thinking about the work that will need to be done, i got online and noticed a good friend of mine had just written that he and his daughter had just been in a car accident that left them both really shaken up and the car totaled.


and here i was, concerned with my little home repair project while my friend had to go through something as serious as that.  i’m so very glad that everyone walked away from the accident.  so.  very.  glad.

i need to remember to keep perspective about things – to realize that sometimes, the things that i make into big deals really aren’t big deals after all.  stuff doesn’t matter – not in the grand scheme of things.  i can fix my house, we can replace cars.  we can’t replace people.

traveling mercies,


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