stillness, cards & books

i’m sitting at my desk in the office where i work. it’s quiet for the first time today as everyone has left for the evening – i picture people coming home to loved ones, a hot meal, the warm belly of their fur-kid just waiting to be scratched.

it’s nice, being alone with my thoughts.  without interruption, my mind is free to wander: thinking about friends and what they’re up to, about my family and how i’ve been praying earnestly for their healing, and about what i’ll eventually get myself for supper later tonight when i make my way home (i’m thinking pho).

i posted a message on facebook today – i told people that i wanted to send them a christmas card (who couldn’t use a little christmas cheer?) if they would send me their address.  the response has been overwhelming and a bit surprising (some people i haven’t spoken to in such a long time…).  i think that this project will give me a creative outlet to plug into for the next few days or weeks.  now i’ve just got to go get cards suitable for such a project…

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tonight, i’ll make my way home via metro, allowing myself to get lost in my current read, trying to ignore the stranger sitting next to me long enough to fully live in the protagonist’s shoes if only for a few pages.  reading takes my mind on journeys my body might not otherwise be able to take.

and how!

my current read is just under a thousand pages and i’m nearing the finish.  i’ve got a few other books in the queue behind it as it were, and i’m afraid that that stack of books only gets larger with the passage of time.  seems like each and every time i walk into a bookstore my “wish list” gets just a few titles longer.

this is me.  yes.

i’m starting to amass a small collection of books here on my office desk.  there are only six books between the bookends so far, but the words within the pages of those books are rich with description, story, and beauty.  my desk here at work is becoming a small “home away from home” – the books provide me with some sanity when work gets a little bit insane.

traveling mercies,


7 thoughts on “stillness, cards & books

    • thanks for stopping by! to be honest, i’m not familiar with tao lin – i’ll have to check it out, as i’m always, always looking for new reads.

      as for what to write – i have no idea! (though, i must admit, some friends i will be writing to, i’m thrilled & scared at the same time to be writing to, if that even begins to make sense).

    • i don’t know if you’ll like my answer, but the simplest way i can put it is this:


      i’ve been trying to be more aware, more present. there’s a story waiting to be told in everything: every encounter, every emotion, every moment.

      i’m just trying to capture those as best i can.


  1. I love the idea of sending actual paper Christmas cards to the online peeps. Facebook friends from high school and before…. Embraces perfectly the old-fashioned true spirit of Christmas. Thanks for sharing it!

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