small victories

tonight, i feel accomplished.

i had an email to write to a group of friends about an upcoming party, photographs to upload and send via dropbox to another friend from his recent visit to seattle, a comforter to wash, and groceries to pick up on the way home from work.

i managed to do all four.

this may not seem like much to some, but for me, taking care of even the smallest of tasks is a victory.  a goal met.  little things checked off of life’s daily list.

tomorrow, there will be more tasks added to the list.  some of the items on the list today will carry over until tomorrow, but for now, i’m celebrating those four small accomplishments are completed.  there are small tasks on the list and large tasks that will take time, patience, and effort.

life’s a journey.  each day will bring new and different challenges, different responsibilities which allow for different decisions on how we react to those things that we have to do.

rather than always looking at the bigger picture, i do well to look at each individual task on it’s own and decide from there how to best complete it.  it works for me, and maybe, that’s enough.

…i just realized that i left said groceries out in the trunk of my car.  never fear, it’s near freezing outside, so the milk hasn’t spoiled; but for now, i think i should wrap this up and go get the food. :)

traveling mercies,


9 thoughts on “small victories

  1. Ok, this totally encouraged me: I totally hear you on it being a victory for each completed task. My friend Sarah used to give testamonies about being thankful for the little things, and I still can’t agree more. Contentment is found in a thankful heart, and great achievments are accomplished with baby steps. Well done on your day, keep it up, and ty for sharing.

  2. Oh I totally know the feeling of satisfaction from accomplishing all those “little things”. Because they’re really not little things. They require effort and time – time that you could have spent watching TV, eating chocolate and uh… napping. Congrats on saving your milk just in time.

  3. 1) oh yeah, wanted to mention that it’s the little things that make or break us; kinda goes with Farah’s comment.

    2) Farah: can’t say LIKE!!! enough!

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