thoughts on finishing a book

i just finished a book that i had spent the better part of the last few months reading while making my way around town to/from work/errands via public transportation.

nine hundred and thirty three pages later, it felt as though there were a death in the family: as if someone i had gotten to know, love, and admire was suddenly no more.

every story has to come to an end, and a new story will begin, yes, but for these few hours between finishing one book and picking up another, i silently weep inside at the thought of no longer having the opportunity to walk with the characters in some new adventure that they happen to find themselves in.

it’s amazing how easily i find myself emotionally invested in the characters’ lives.  (i’ve even found myself a time or two thinking, “i wonder what ______ would do in this situation?”).

i’ll start the new book tonight on my commute home.  for the first few pages, i’ll unfairly compare it to the last thinking how it will never be able to live up to its standard of it’s predecessor, then i’ll spend the middle portion of the book falling in love with the characters, until finally, the book will end, i’ll weep inside at the loss of characters who’ve connected themselves to me and i’ll repeat this process all over again.

begin. compare. love. end. weep. (repeat)

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7 thoughts on “thoughts on finishing a book

  1. You’ve not been abandoned, you’ve made new friends! While those characters continue to live in your head and psyche, they’ve helped you grow and look at life and situations from their perspectives. And they will in the future. You’re richer from having “known them”. That’s the blessing! Weep not, for you were glad for their company, their complexities, their thought processes for that time in your life that you shared them. On to your next literary friends!.

  2. I’m just a few chapters from the end of The Night Circus, and I feel the same way. I don’t want it to be over and am rationing the pages to delay the inevitable. I’m not ready to mourn, quite yet :)

  3. My heart broke in a million places when I read the last one. So true.

    I usually turn the book over and over again in my hands when I’m done reading them while the rest of me tries to get over that it’s over. And I’m still in shock from the end of Harry Potter. I’ve been reading those since I was 11!

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