my idea of therapy

i’ll let you in on a little secret about me: i have a very, very difficult time relaxing.  my hands always have to be doing something, whether that’s typing at a keyboard, playing with something, or tapping out a tune that’s stuck in my head, i always have to be doing something with my hands.

it’s difficult, at best, for me to sit still. (this isn’t even beginning to take into consideration my mind which is always racing faster than i can keep up).

with these facts now out in the open, i’ll share with you how i best relax: lego.

yup, simple as that.  i relax best when building with lego.

a friend of mine recently bought me a post-christmas gift of a new lego set, his generosity totally blowing me away.

i’m building the majority of the set at work on my lunch break, but i couldn’t help but bring the airplane parts back to my house to build tonight.  there’s just something about unwrapping the plastic bags of parts, hearing that familiar sound of the bricks as they land on the table (it’s one of my favorite sounds (yes, i have favorite sounds – i’ll share more later…)).

taking my time, making sure each of the stickers are on straight isn’t a hassle, it’s a joy.  building something out of those little plastic bricks is therapy for my body and soul.  it relaxes my mind, and causes me, if only for a little while, to forget about all the cares in my world.

traveling mercies,


8 thoughts on “my idea of therapy

  1. We are a houseful of nerds, which means we have a whole lotta lego. I have one of those minds that never stops, and the rest of my body struggles hard with stillness, too…. Yeah, I can relate to lego therapy, for sure. It’s like structural yoga!

  2. We’re slot alike, aren’t we? Weird to meet someone who shares this same struggle. Most people find it annoying or offensive that I can’t sit still. What do you do to make this drive socially appropriate?

    • andrea, sounds like it. :) i find that those who know me best know that i’m like this and have learned not to take it (too) personally because it is who i am. they know that it’s not that i’m not interested in them or what they have to say, it’s just that i must. always. be. doing. something.

      as far as what i do in social situations – i try my best to intellectually “overcome” it for a few hours as need be. it’s exhausting, yes, but if i can tell myself i only need to make it for X amount of time, i can usually keep focused enough knowing that time to create something (whether that’s lego, writing, building something, crafts, whatever…) is just around the corner.

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