books, writing, & the thoughts that follow

i find that my writing greatly mirrors my reading, in that if i’m not in the middle of a book, i don’t take time to write.

i also find that my writing often has a tone similar to that of which i am reading.

i wrote a short story once while reading cormac mccarthy. (yikes)

julia cameron and garrison keillor make me want to be a better writer.  read some of their stuff (if you haven’t) and you’ll understand.

last night i went to a favorite 2nd-hand bookstore in my home area.  for months now, i’ve been walking in there with cash seeking one particular title only to come home empty-handed.  yesterday, i finally found the book but didn’t have any cash.

somewhere murphy is laughing, i’m sure of it.

i found a link online the other week to a recording of flannery o’connor reading her classic, a good man is hard to find. she’s a gem, that woman.

one thing that i absolutely love about living in seattle: you’re never at a loss for a bookstore.  even the library is impressive. (next time you’re in town, let’s visit together, shall we?)

traveling mercies,


4 thoughts on “books, writing, & the thoughts that follow

  1. Josh, I would love it if you’d make a list of authors and books that are (in your opinion) must reads, and a list of suggested reads that aren’t musts, but are great. :)

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