lifelong goal & the realizations of starting

ever since i was a little kid growing up in small town eastern washington state, i’ve been a huge baseball fan.  i guess you could say i inherited it from my dad, who has been a longtime fan of the game.  i may have season tickets to a professional soccer club, but my first sport love is baseball.

there’s something pure about it – the way the game isn’t controlled by a clock like may other games, the way that it’s the defense that controls the ball and not the offense, the way the warm summer’s day brings out that extra-special smell of freshly mowed grass (maybe that’s just me), the way the managers move their players around the field as though two chess-masters doing battle with only nine players as opposed to the traditional sixteen pieces in the popular board game – it’s all perfect.

a few years ago, i decided to start a lifelong goal of visiting every major league baseball stadium and take in at least one game.  i’d read about people doing nonstop road trips to accomplish this feat and others who would visit every stadium in a year but decided that for me to reasonably accomplish this goal, i would need to do it over the course of many years (besides, i wanted to spend some time in each city getting to know the culture of each place i visited).

my goal took it’s first major step in the summer of 2003 when, while down in southern at&t park, san francisco, cacalifornia for my wedding, i took in the sights and sounds of two stadiums: dodger stadium & angel stadium of anaheim. (my getting to see two stadiums while on my honeymoon is what i’d like to call “love” – thank you, lovely).

from 2003 to 2011, the only games i was able to attend were the local games in seattle, where we settled in the summer of 2005.

in 2011, we took a trip down to the bay area to house-swap with my brother-in-law and his wife (we took over their place in san francisco, while they took our place in seattle for a week).  while there, i made sure to get tickets to see both att&t park (san francisco) and coliseum (oakland).

presently, my goal is to (try to) cross at least one stadium off my list every season. some of the more “remote” locations (i.e. – where there is only one team in a specific coliseum, oakland, cageographic region that would require more than one flight) will be one stadium trips, while certain trips (i.e. – chicago, new york, etc…) will have more stadiums visited.

if all goes according to plan, this summer i will be flying down to san diego, ca with my dad to take in a weekend series between the padres and my hometown seattle mariners.  i have a good friend who lives in the area who has offered us a place to crash for the weekend, so that will help keep costs a bit lower.

after san diego in 2012, i’m not sure what city will be next for 2013 (i’m open to suggestions & places to stay!), but i’m looking forward to continuing the journey.

traveling mercies,

alphabetical list of major league teams (those in red i have visited)

arizona diamondbacks
atlanta braves
baltimore orioles
boston red sox
chicago cubs
chicago white sox
cincinnati reds
cleveland indians
colorado rockies
detroit tigers
houston astros
kansas city royals
los angeles angels (august 1, 2003 vs toronto, 5-0 angels win)
los angeles dodgers (july 17, 2003 vs st louis, 6-3 dodgers win)
miami marlins
milwaukee brewers
minnesota twins
new york mets
new york yankees
oakland athletics (april 20th, 2011 vs boston, 5-3 boston win)
philadelphia phillies
pittsburgh pirates
saint louis cardinals
san diego padres
san francisco giants (april 22nd, 2011 vs atlanta, 4-1 atlanta win)
seattle mariners (~1980s-present, too many games to count…)
texas rangers
tampa bay rays
toronto blue jays
washington nationals


2 thoughts on “lifelong goal & the realizations of starting

  1. Well, I think this an absolutely splendid idea. But as you well know, I’m bias.

    Looking forward to seeing baseball with you this season! :)

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