live a little

did you watch the super bowl last sunday?

i’ll confess that it’s the one football game every year that i’ll watch the entirety of.  it’s part social, part smorgasbord of all food and drink unhealthy, and part just getting caught up in the, well, spectacle of it all (what with well over 111 million tuning in in the united states alone).

but this entry isn’t about football. i’ve confessed in an earlier entry that i really do not understand the game, that i only pretend to. what i’d like to write about is a commercial that aired during the game.


did you see this ad?  did you listen to it’s message? (sure, they were trying to sell a car, but there was more to it than that).

it was talking about life.

“life is packed with things you have to do – but sometimes you’ve got to live a little”

think of the things you have to do: work a 9-5 job, take care of your children, pay your bills, go to school, etc, etc, etc (the list is endless).  these aren’t necessarily bad things – there’s a lot of good in the daily “have to’s” (maybe for another blog entry down the road?) but it’s certainly easy to get caught up in them that we forget to live, to do something that allows our spirits to breathe a little, to live a little. (what is that for you?  for me, it’s painting, building things, getting in my car and just driving without a destination in mind, and writing – it may be something different for you, but whatever it is, find time to do it).

“life moves pretty fast – if you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you’ll miss it.”

life does move fast – faster than i’m sure most of us would care to admit. one of the things i personally struggle with is trying to live my life through other people’s adventures.  sometimes, it’s okay to do it – i try to do it often when i’m sick because it lifts my spirit, reading what other people are doing on facebook or pinning on pinterest.  it gives me ideas of things that i’d like to do when i’m feeling better.

but when i am feeling better, often times i just do that: spend more time online, reading status updates and pins about things people want to do or want to become (or want out of life, as the case may be) and i do nothing with them. nothing.

i’ve missed far too much life to allow this to continue to happen.

i don’t want to be the kind of person who spends his day in front of a television wasting the day away (and no, i’m not attacking television, i’m supporting living).  i don’t want to be the kind of person who always dreams “what if…?”, but rather i want to be the person who looks back and says, “yes!  i did it! that was awesome!” or “okay, that didn’t work out like i expected, but at least i tried…”

i want to quit living though other peoples’ doing.

“you’re still here? don’t you have anything better to do?  go on, get going, go…”

and rather than talk any more, spending more time goofing off online, i’m going.  i’m going to turn off my computer, grab my camera and my car keys and go.

i’ll share with you later what i ended up doing. :)

traveling mercies,


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