i’ve got nothing to offer (& perhaps that’s okay)

the title pretty much says it all, today.

this is me, showing up, with nothing to say (but hey, i’m here, so that’s got to count for something).

i’ve a few ideas for things to write about in the days yet to come, but they need more time to simmer in my soul (i don’t know how to say it better than that).

tonight: rollerskating with friends.

did i mention that when i was growing up i went rollerskating every wednesday afternoon (for the better part of four years, nonetheless)?

needless to say, it has been a few years since i last laced up the skates, but i’m looking forward to getting out on the floor again and seeing what (if anything) i’ve still got.  i’ll be sure to avoid the food served at the rink.  something tells me my system can’t digest that kind of food like it used to. *grin*

traveling mercies,



8 thoughts on “i’ve got nothing to offer (& perhaps that’s okay)

  1. Hey, Monday’s can be like that!

    I think I still have the “key” to my old skates, and it’s probably 50 years old. Doesn’t mean the memories of sidewalks and skinned knees isn’t sweet, as I’m sure your memories are.

    Tonight you can create new memories to cherish.

  2. Sounds like fun! I’m envious. Tonight found me in the middle of class, arguing with the professor AND the assigned reading (the lone dissenter out of 30 people in the room). *sigh* I would rather have been rollerskating.

    I have so many scars from my rollerblading days. Ha.

    • it was a lot of fun! :) i can’t believe how long it hand been since i last laced up the skates.

      i’ve never been rollerblading – got to try that once of these days.

      amazingly, i didn’t fall once until the very end, when, as it would turn out, i was getting off the floor to call it a night (i never did learn how to stop very well).

      • I was eight or nine when the ’90s rollerblading mania hit, so I kind of grew up on them. Let’s just say I was trying to twirl while skating backward on one foot. And broke my nose (it’s been broken twice). Then there’s the time I almost got run over in traffic (while being unable to stop skating on a hill), but fell just in time and got seven stitches in my chin and broke my one-day-old glasses. There’s a weird disjunction between my natural athleticism and my natural clumsiness. At least you managed to stay on your feet. :)

      • my once a week outing was actually with my homeschool group that i was a part of (i didn’t attend actual “school” until i was eight years old). so, as a way to get us out and get the opportunity to know other kids, there was a homeschoolers’ day at the roller rink.

        hopping out on the floor tonight brought back a lot of memories.

        *love* how you worded that: “there’s a natural disjunction between my natural athleticism and my natural clumsiness”. totally made me smile. :)

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