feeling wordy

the other day i posted a message on facebook asking people what their favorite word is.

my goal in the next few weeks is to use all of those words in a short story i am going to write.  going into this project, i didn’t have anything in mind by way of what the story would be about.  since over fifty people have replied already, i’m slowly starting to see things take shape.

here are some of my friends’ favorite words:

  • assuage
  • asinine
  • hullabaloo
  • eucatastrophe
  • quixotry
  • pamplemousse
  • shizzle
  • eudaemonic
  • peace
  • infotainment
  • moonbat
  • scrumtrulescent
  • create
  • awkward
  • horsey
  • spatula
  • zamboni
  • kerfufel
  • uvula
  • visceral
  • fantabulous
  • rutabaga
  • cucumber
  • elchupacabra
  • weekend
  • hippopotamus
  • serendipity
  • plethora
  • pandemonium
  • crap
  • chutzpah
  • dagnabit
  • chuppah
  • sombra
  • persnickety

truth be told, i love a lot of these words myself.  they make me smile  and many of them are words we don’t often see written (let alone spoken often).

some of these words i’m not really familiar with so i’ll have to make sure i’m using them correctly by using a dictionary. *grin*

i’m thinking that i’ll continue to accept submissions through tomorrow ( if you have one, please, chime in in the comments below) and start writing the story this weekend.  of course, after i’ve finished writing the story, i’ll post it here. (caveat: if i absolutely hate the story, i may not post it at all).

traveling mercies,


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