a goal completed, a project started, & the abolition of sales tax (for one transaction, anyway)

i finished the goal i had set out to complete: show up here and write something for 7 days straight.

truth be told, there were days that i was dreading sitting down and writing anything because i had this major fear that i wouldn’t be able to come up with anything to say and that the things that i could come up with would be such drivel that it really shouldn’t see the light of day, let alone the light of anyone’s computer screen.

i went to an antique store today to pick up some pieces for a small gift that i’m making for lovely.  i’ll need to go to an art supply store in the next couple of days and pick up some paint that i need for the project, but i’m really excited by the prospects of this project.  (as i’ve said in previous entries, my hands always have to be doing something, always have to be creating something).

i’ll share more about the project when i’m finished, because i want to to be a surprise, but for know, know that i’m super excited about the prospects of what it (hopefully) could become.

after picking up the needed pieces at the antique store, we (lovely and i) traipsed over to an antique glass store that was going out of business (thankfully, due to retirement and not to the economy taking it’s toll on the shop).  we found a unique highball glass from the 1960s that had brilliant red rings around the outside of the glass.  the price on the tag was asking for $20, but the proprietor informed us when we walked in that everything was 50% off.

walking up to the counter, glass in hand, i laid $11 down on the counter (the extra dollar to cover sales tax).  the proprietor smiled at me, separated the bills that i had stacked and only pocketed the $10 bill.

“we’re good” he said, smiling, pushing the $1 bill back in my direction.

“thank you” i replied, returning his smile with one of my own.

traveling mercies,


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