light bulbs, lunch, & paying it forward

i may have mentioned this before here, but i always feel so handy when coming out of a home improvement store with a bag of supplies i need to do a job.

so what if it’s just a few light bulbs (like it happened to be today). the feeling of satisfaction that i get when i go into the store, get the *correct* items and finish the job *properly* when i get home gives me a great feeling inside (for a moment, i think i can do anything).

how many white men does it take to screw in a light bulb?

(i’ll let you insert your own punchline here)

this afternoon after church, some friends of mine invited me up to a restaurant that they work at to join them for lunch.

it was a brilliant time of catching up with new things going on in our lives over delicious food.  i was blessed when instead of handing me a bill at the end of the meal they simply said, “it (the bill) has been taken care of.”

what a blessing.  something as simple as that made me feel really loved today.

i’ve decided that i’m going to pay it forward this week – to find someone that i can bless in some small way and expect nothing in return.


traveling mercies,


5 thoughts on “light bulbs, lunch, & paying it forward

  1. I always feel very smug (particularly as a small female) when I maneuver through a hardware store, quickly pick up the tools and equipment that I need, and shoulder lumber or concrete. I love watching the men’s faces around me for various reactions. :)

    Let us know what you do for the “pay it forward”! I handed over my extra Rachmaninoff ticket last night to a random stranger (I couldn’t get anyone else to come with me), brushing off the money he tried to give me in return. I hope *he’ll* be paying it forward soon.,,

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