for the love of painting (feeling (somewhat) crafty)

have i mentioned here that i love to paint?  i mean i absolutely adore it.  to me, there’s not much better than having dried paint on your hands at the end of the day, the colors clinging to those spots underneath your fingernails.  mmm… beautiful.

anyway, i shared a few days ago about how i was working on a project for lovely and how i didn’t want to share anything specific about it until i was done.

here’s a photo of the completed project.

you may or may not know this, but she changed her name (legally) last friday from rebecca to sophie.  she also changed her middle name from marie to her maiden name.

i figured that she’d need a new nameplate for her desk and thought of a creative way that i hoped she would like (turns out, she did!).

it’s a really simple project: just old scrabble tiles, a tile rack, some paint, and a sharpie.

i made one for myself (with my name) to keep at my desk at the office, too.

after all was said and done and two nameplates had been made, my hands were sufficiently covered in paint and it felt right. :)

traveling mercies,


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