random confession: a skewed perspective

confession time:

back in 2005, i had just started a new job working in a high rise in downtown seattle, wa (i’m still with the same company today, actually).
anyway, for the first few months of my employment, i had honestly thought that i worked in a certain building downtown.  every morning, i would walk towards that building after getting off the metro and enter through one of the doors that lead into that building.
it wasn’t until a few months later, that while sitting at my desk randomly staring out the window, i noticed that building.
for a moment, i didn’t question it, but then i had a conversation with myself that went something like this:
“wait, if i’m seeing that building now, that means that i cannot possibly be in that building!”
i busted up laughing.
(you see, my building and the building i would enter in the mornings are connected to each other, so you can easily walk from one to the other)
since that day, i knew what my building looked like from the outside.
traveling mercies,

6 thoughts on “random confession: a skewed perspective

  1. This is really funny, because for the longest time I too thought I worked in Two Union…until I realized I’ve been looking at Two Union this whole time!

    We seem to think similarly about lots of things! :)

  2. Perhaps the life lesson is a teaching in perspective, meant for all things in in going forward with daily living. As much as we think we are “right”,and we “know” the truth, the Universe laughs and says “look again, this time, and the next and the next..and see with new eyes!.”

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