life, lately

apologies for not checking in here sooner.  these past few weeks have seen me collect more memories than i could ever possibly write about, but at the same time, leaves me with a desire to at least try (maybe that’s one of the best thing about life – living, really living, and sharing your experiences with someone else).

me, lately:

  • amtrak cascades trip down to portland, oregon
  • reconnecting with friends i hadn’t seen in some nine years.
  • time spent in my favorite store. on. the. planet. (and having pamuk and l’engle walk out with me)
  • hanging out at various bars/restaurants with two of the coolest guys i know.
  • watching copious amounts of college hoops on television.
  • getting new responsibilities at work.
  • watching documentaries about health, the planet, and the environment.
  • going to a movie and finding myself being the only person in the theater.
  • reading amazing books suggested to me by friends.

perhaps soon i will find the time to check in and write a proper entry, complete with photographs and some more connected thoughts.  for now, know that i’m living, or trying to, as best i can.

traveling mercies,



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