weighing in…

274.4. if you can believe that.

that’s how much i weigh. (yikes)

a few years ago, i topped out at 290 (ugh) and worked at getting my weight down. about a year ago, i reached 265. now i’m back up a bit again, and truth be told, i’d like to lose that (and more).

starting today, i’m back on the wagon so to speak – i’m going to take better care of myself.

gone are the days of buying the cheap and easy. hello to more fruits, vegetables, time on my bicycle and all things good for me.

today is day 1. every saturday morning, i’m going to hop on the scale and report back here. i hope to provide details along the way for my journey towards better health.

my first goal (for now) is around 230 – my doctor and i both agreed that that would be a good place to be.

today, i’m making plans on hitting the produce stands and farmers’ markets.  i love those places.

it’s time to get serious.

traveling mercies,

p.s. – i am working on that short story with all of those “favorite words”. it’s a work in process that i hope to share sooner rather than later. :)


3 thoughts on “weighing in…

  1. I hit my highest weight by last May or June, so I did the same. I dropped 2-3 clothing sizes and 25lbs by eating healthy alone, and am slowly getting back on the exercise wagon to tone and build.

    I began checking ALL labels and avoiding (*for the most part) High Fructose/ Malctose Corn Syrup/ Maltose/ Dextrose/ Modified Sugar Corn Syrup and/or Starch, and dropped 10lbs there alone! Then I began replacing Iceburg Lettuce with Romaine or Mixed Greens, eating veggies, drinking fruit juice & eating fruits, and eating proteins (pb, eggs, meat); and any grain I could, I bought in Whole Wheat or Whole Grain, and eat those very little. My last endeavor has been drinking fresh cow milk (you’d be surprised the local venders who sell it) or coconut ice cream more than store bought brands (since the high temp chemical process actually changes the chemical structure of milk and destroys its natural nutrients); when I do buy regular milk products (I’m a dairy girl), I try to go RBHG free (Darigold, Tillamook, Hagen Sass, B&J (love writing that, heehee) I think, and Weight Watchers.

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