last night i got to spend a few hours with one of my friends that i refer to as being a “safe” friend.

a “safe” friend is the kind of friend that you can tell anything and everything to without any fear.  they love you right where you’re at, but also love you enough that they make sure to speak truth into your life.

i’ve three such friends in my life and for each one, i am, and always will be, extremely grateful.

last night over beers, fries, and grilled cheese sandwiches (yes, you read that correctly, grilled cheese sandwiches) i got to share life with one of the three.  we confessed where we were at in our respective journeys, shared what we need prayer for, and just were brutally honest about our thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams.

i’m always trying to be honest with people where i am at in my life, but i realize that there are some friendships that shouldn’t have that level of intimacy attached to them. however, for those three people who provide safety, i’m brutally honest –  i think that you have to have friends like that who will walk alongside you, pray for you, and be there for you through the good times and the bad.

they are your shelters in the storms of life.

traveling mercies,


14 thoughts on “safety

  1. 1) Good beer is good beer
    2) Grilled cheese is da bomb! My comfort food in fact.
    3) Have you tried green bean fries: not too shabby at all.

    I try to be an honest person, but you’re right: with those one isn’t as close to, it is often better to just ask questions, remain silent, or pray; but everyone needs a couple wise besties that they are accountable to, and vice-verse (I have 3 as well). I’m glad you had such a time; they are precious & special.

    • I’m terrble at writing, but when I do, it’s pretty heartfelt; I’m more of the send a text, update my status or profile picture, or send a message or leave a vm person. I just called one (who is in Othello) this weekend and left her a vm telling her how much I missed her and her other half. I feel really distanced from my safe friends lately, and it feels lonely; we used to play frisbee, pool, darts, do movie nights with baking (and even dress for the event), but now they’re far away missing the company, and so am I. Guess that’s part of growing up.

      Are all of yours local to you?

      • of the three that i have, one is local to me – the other two aren’t in the area (one is in oregon, and one is in alberta).

        i hear you on distancing yourself from these friends – there are times that i don’t want to be with them because i know, i know that they will make me squirm and whatnot – but i know that i need to see them, to confess exactly where i’m at and to be completely honest with them.

        have you thought about doing a road-trip to see your friends in othello? i drove to both oregon and alberta last year to see my two safe friends who aren’t local to the seattle area. perhaps the road trip and the time spent with your friend will be just what you needed. :)

      • I hate the physical distance that’s between them (Johanna & Brian) and I since they moved to Othello. I’ve thought of a road trip, but my schedule and/or funds haven’t allowed one yet; one of these days I need to just do it. :)

    • I have a hobbit tendency to not want to leave my little shire, but then once I’m out the door I’m glad I did. This being said, planning the trip is like someone dragging me to the door: not super effective; but once I’m on the road I’ll be good; it’s the planning and getting onto the road that kills me every time (which my friends in Othello are good for me for, as they’d say “we’re going to do ______!”, grab me by the hand, and we’d be off; now that they aren’t here, I’m stuck in my hole far too often.

      (Forgive the run on sentence: they kill me every time).

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