i meant to write about this sooner, but better late than never, no?

i’m down 2.5 pounds from last week.

oh, i’ve a long way to go to be where i want to be (okay, so another 30 pounds or so) but i’m on my way and that’s encouraging.

a couple of months ago i challenged myself to show up here every day for one entire week (1 entry a day, anyway).  i think i may need to do that again (we’ll see).

more soon.

traveling mercies,


One thought on “progress

  1. My coworker is doing the same thing. He is constantly telling us all about how much he has lost during the week. From what I gather, he found an app on his Iphone that plans out his daily meals and keeps him shedding the pounds… However, he won’t give up smoking. His excuse is that smoking makes him hungry, and hungry makes him eat, which leads him to gaining weight. I don’t buy it, but he’s dropped 20 pounds since Jan. 1st. Good luck to you buddy!
    p.s. I like the picture of the sticky notes!

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