a small complaint

i have a few friends that i dearly love but cannot for the life of me read anything they write because their grammar is atrocious (and that’s putting it kindly).

for whatever reason, i can look past it when a semicolon is used incorrectly. heck, i still haven’t grasped that fully – but when it comes to basic spelling, my spirit cringes just reading their status updates (“WHY DON’T YOU JUST USE SPELL CHECK!?!?” i think to myself).

is this a bit shallow? perhaps (we’re all allowed pet-peeves, no?).

traveling mercies,

currently listening to: “happiness” – jonsi & alex


5 thoughts on “a small complaint

  1. I have been known to choose buyers on Kijiji/Craigslist based on who has better grammar. Maybe this sounds terrible, but I have an easier time trusting someone who seems to be educated well enough to have good grammar.

    • i’m the same way, totally. in fact, some of the work i do on my company’s websites is related to small bits of product copy. one small typo on our sites can sometimes mean the difference between a sale and no sale.

  2. I hoop I’m knot n this categorie, budgie…. Just kidding. But for sure let me know if I am making you cringe. I too am a spelling perfectionist/afficionado (in school, I won countless spelling bee’s). I read a newspaper/book/online article and sometimes scream when I read what some of these so-called “editors” miss. If they can get paid to let lots of stuff slip, I’ve often wondered what I could make for not letting stuff slip!

    Power to the Pedal,

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