wordpress informs me that it has been two weeks since i last checked in, last documented something going on in my life. time marches on, with or without our telling of stories – sometimes, we find a moment or two to share some of those travels.

one of my all-time favorite bands is touring again after a four-year hiatus. two shows scheduled within a few hours of the place i call home.  with the help of a friend and a dash of luck, i managed tickets to both shows.


my concert budget is all but spent for the rest of this year, barring an unprecedented reunion show by sweeden’s greatest contribution to the musical landscape (yes, i’m referring to ABBA – you may now unfriend me on facebook if you must).

truth be told, if i could only see one band live again at any point in my life, it would be these guys – and to have tickets to see them live at two different venues, well, to say that i’m excited is an understatement.

i’ve also tickets to see two broadway musicals with the lovely: rent & les miserables (life dream right there! i fell in love with the book when i was just fifteen), along with tickets to see florence + the machine with my sister.

this is going to be a great summer.

traveling mercies,


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