saying “goodbye”, saying “hello”

seems like every year right around this time i’m saying “goodbye” to a longtime friend, and this year is no exception.

a coworker of mine is moving home, leaving behind the unpredictable pacific northwest weather for the warm sunshine of his hometown of san diego.

we went out for coffee this morning, reliving old memories of years past, vowing to continue the friendship despite the distance (i have hopes to make it to his hometown this year or next to take in a baseball game and scratch another stadium off my list) – and you know what? i think that this is another friendship that will not fade – if both people work on the friendship, distance doesn’t really matter, anyway.

after all, my best friend doesn’t live anywhere near me and yet we manage to keep the bonds of friendship strong.

even with the “goodbyes” that today brought, i found out yesterday that two friends of mine that i’ve known for years now will be moving to seattle this fall.  rather than just an email or  text to check in with how things are going, we’ll soon be able to meet up at a local bar and share life together – face to face.

i sense many pints, many stories, and a great deal beautiful chaos in our future.

saying “goodbye” to a friend is never easy, but it’s the “hello again” that makes life a little bit sweeter.

traveling mercies,


2 thoughts on “saying “goodbye”, saying “hello”

    • …as if i weren’t reason enough *big grin*.

      but seriously, yes – they are moving this direction come autumn. i’m so excited and so very happy.

      please, come visit. i would *love* to meet you so we can begin our bestfriendedness. :)

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