intentionally living (or, trying to)

i’m trying to live more intentionally – there are moments where this comes easier than others, for sure.

in between the bicycle rides and getting dirty working in the organic garden i’m growing at a community farm, i still have moments of weakness where i enjoy a pastry at a local bakery or a quick meal at a local fast-food restaurant.

i got in a few miles on my bicycle tonight, and what it told me more than anything is that i’ve got some work to do to get in to the physical shape that i want to be in.  still, i try to remind myself that even though i only managed an hour of riding tonight, i still lapped everyone at home with their microwave burritos and large coca colas (not that there’s anything wrong with those if that’s what you find yourself having for supper tonight, but in all things moderation).

did i mention here that i’ve been seeing a counselor again?  for the better part of two months now, anyway.

among other things, i struggle with anxiety and depression.  i desperately want people to like me, and sometimes i go as far as to like things that they like for the sake of being liked by them (and frankly, it’s downright exhausting).  i worry about how people will perceive me.  i worry about failure, about not being good enough to the point that i lose the ability to “show up”and just enjoy the moment for what it is.

i don’t say all of this to make you feel sorry for me, but more as a way to get it “out there” and in the open.  i think when we admit where we’re at and what we struggle with, our lives can be better.

with the theme of trying to live more intentionally, i’ve been toying with an idea for a little while now: to go X amount of time only eating at local independent shops and not eating at corporate restaurants/establishments.

i’m still trying to come up with the “rules” for my challenge such as how do i count grocery stores, and is eating somewhere that has more than one location not considered eating locally. (i may live in seattle, but i cannot in good conscious go to starbucks during this challenge (not that i ever go there much anyway) as they are far beyond “local/independent” at this point).  where it gets tricky is where i do go for coffee monday-friday as it is a “chain” with three locations in seattle… should this count? these kinds of questions need to be asked before i fully begin.

i’m toying with the idea of trying this out for a month, but in reality, i think i will probably start with two weeks and go from there.

my goals for this challenge would be to help support the little guy and keep as much of my money in the local economy, to discover new places that i might not have otherwise tried, and to eat as much locally produced food as possible (yes, i know that a lot of the little places also get their food from far away sources – this will require further research on my part, for sure – then there’s the coffee…).

traveling mercies,



4 thoughts on “intentionally living (or, trying to)

  1. awww… people pleasing. I think we are all, to some extent, guilty. Paul kinda addressed it in Galatians.

    As for your challenge, I like it. There’s a coffee shop near where I grew up that hasn’t been taken down by starbucks, even with one literally a block away. But they also *had* several locations (and it’s now no longer it’s original name or original owner, though the current name/owner is still very local) If you’re gonna stick with local, i don’t think you should bash the businesses that are multilocational as long as it is actually in seattle (like you said, no starbucks :-P ) but I think the emphasis might need to be on the single location places. Who knows? you may find a new local place to eat junk food at on fridays (kidding about the junk food…!) Anyways, that’s just my two cents :)

    • funny you should mention galatians – i was just reading that very passage the other day. :)

      i think i’m going to take the route of allowing multi-locational businesses, as long as they are only in the seattle area. i think i’m going to start the challenge soon – will definitely have to write about it!

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