blessings, lately

lately, i’ve noticed the divine in action despite difficult circumstances.

i won’t get in to too many details here, but let’s just say that lovely’s family is going through some trying times where the end result may not be what we are hoping and praying for.  that said, we’re flying to boise, idaho tomorrow morning to be with family and loved ones to show our support during this storm.

what makes this moment special is all of the texts, emails, and phone calls i have received just in these past few hours from friends near and far.

lovely’s work paid for her airfare to get to boise.

my dad call and said, “i want to help pay for your airfare to get there.”

i’ve a good friend of mine who is helping us with the details of transportation with our car, my aunt taking the time out of her schedule to check in on our fur-kids.

really, i’m blessed.

sometimes, i think it’s easy to just believe that people like you. you somehow subconsciously just always assume that they love you, but it’s in moments like this, when the rubber meets the road of life, when they put their love in to action that you are blown away and realize just how amazingly blessed you are.

so, to my friends near and far who are praying, sending up good thoughts, and loving the stuffing out of us during this difficult time: thank you, thank you, thank you.

my love to each of you for who you are in my life.

traveling mercies,


One thought on “blessings, lately

  1. Never ever doubt that you’re loved kind friend-because you are!

    Praying for your lovely’s family and for her that the outcome of this medical situation is all positive. There really is a beauty in seeing how others come together when they’re most needed, truly.

    The real beauty of of the trials of life is that you do find your inner strength and find out who your friends are.

    Sending you, your lovely and all involved positive prayers for healing in so many ways. Much love to you all.

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