creating mischief, one day at a time…

i once saw one of those your ecards that had a drawing of a dejected person with the saying, “the first five days after the weekend are always the toughest”.

while i got a good chuckle out of it initially, since reading it i’ve tried to live every day and not just the days over the weekend.

this weekend was not an exception to my live every day rule.

while i did not get up and sing (my friends vowed to get me on stage next time), i went out with a bunch of friends for an evening of karaoke. i did enjoy listening to them sing their hearts out and enjoyed many a tasty pint while they brought the house down with their singing.  i arrived home saturday morning just after two in the morning.

on saturday, lovely and i took a road trip to a small town south of the big city where we by accident took in a car show, caught a little bit a live music, did some antiquing, and tried tasty food at a local public house.

i’m such a sucker for antiques and local independent restaurants.  i’m in love with both, actually.

while we were in this town, i stumbled into a store that was a bookstore that doubled as an art supply store at the same time.  quick, somebody buy me a gift certificate to that place – pronto!

i went through a phase where i was longingly looking at people’s adventures they posted about online, wishing that my life were as exciting – all the while sitting on my backside not doing anything about it.

i’m learning that life isn’t a series of “soon…”, but a moment by moment realization of “right now…” –  and i’m chosing to live in the right now – focusing on my present, rather than looking back with regret or looking forward with fear.

may we learn to live in the moment, every moment.

traveling mercies,

currently listening to: the lumineers by the lumineers


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