traveling to be still

Photo by Wally Pacholka

for the past few years, i have become more and more interested in the art of meditation and reflection.

stillness.  being alone with my thoughts – no cell phone to bug me, no computer to distract me, no twitter feed to update – myself, without any distractions.

since i first heard of it, i’ve had a bee in my bonnet about someday going to visit the natural bridges natural monument in southeastern utah,  the world’s first dark-sky park.

my dream is to pack up camping gear, and go – spending a week or so out under the stars either by myself or with someone who wouldn’t mind long spans of solitude and silence, someone who can just be in that moment: i would bring my journal, my hiking boots, my camera, and my sense of adventure to soak in the vast expanse of the nighttime sky.

ultimately, i think i would like to drive from seattle, wa to the park, but realistically, given the timeline, i will probably end up flying from seattle to albuquerque, nm or salt lake city, ut and renting a car from there.

i’ve made it my personal goal to visit this park by the end of 2014, which should give me time to save up for this magical journey.

traveling mercies,


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