freedom, if only for a little while

this afternoon as i left the office and made my way to the library, i discovered that i had forgotten my phone.

i’d by lying if i said i didn’t panic for a brief moment: wondering where on earth i might have left it if not on my desk, worrying about what random texts or social media messages i might be missing, worrying that someone was trying to reach me but was unable to do so (and even going as far as worrying about what time it even was).

Old-timey cell phones

but then i smiled.

the time? i could ask a stranger – social media limits our face-to-face communication –  andwe could all use a little more interaction with the here and now.

the social media and other messages? they’re there for my convenience and entertainment – life goes on even when i don’t pay it any attention.

i walked back to the office and retrieved my phone and umbrella as the rain was starting to fall outside.

for those few minutes, life wasn’t nearly as bad as i thought it could be.

in fact, it was a little better.

traveling mercies,


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