repairing the sink (& my confidence)

The Plumber

The Plumber (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

i wonder where along this journey of life i allowed fear to tell me that i’m not good enough.

this past week, i fixed the upstairs bathroom sink.  it may not seem like a big deal to some people, but to me it was a huge accomplishment.

the drain had been running slow for a while and i kept putting off the inevitable of taking a few things apart underneath to free the clog.   i had tried different cleaners, natural and otherwise (just because i didn’t want to deal with it) and finally came to the realization that i would need to get creative.

my dad was never a handyman when i was a kid – if something broke or wasn’t working properly, he’d call someone out to do the job.  looking back at it now, i see this to be not because he didn’t want to know how to fix something, but rather (more times than not) he was so busy at work, the thought of adding another things on his “to-do” list must have seemed overwhelming.

it may have been at that point that i just always assumed that i wouldn’t be able to figure anything out on my own.

anyway, i took apart the under-workings of the sink and set to work clearing the clog.  after a finishing the job to my satisfaction, i put everything back together again (realizing then that i should have paid a bit more attention to it when i was taking it apart) and finally got everything up and running again – good as new.

it may have been a simple task, but in that moment, i was proud of myself. i did it.

i am good enough.  i don’t have to allow fear of something to control me. i can instead learn all there is to know about something and work on completing the task at hand.

and if i need help along the way? i’ve got amazing friends (handymen and otherwise) who can offer guidance.

traveling mercies,



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