feeling generous? (a shameless plug for a trip i’d like to take)

a couple of weeks ago, i had mentioned on facebook how i was hoping to get up to calgary, alberta, canada from april 26-28th, 2013 for their annual comic & entertainment expo.  i’m a big fan of the x-files, and a number of the cast will be in attendance (how cool is that?!?!).  needless to say, i’d love to attend.

i jokingly said how airfare would cost in the neighborhood of $350 and asked if anyone would be interested in chipping in towards making that more feasible for me. (i think i said something like if every one of my facebook friends donated something like $0.72/ea, i could afford to go).

anyway, if you’d like to donate to this cause, click on the link: HERE!


Donations (Photo credit: Matthew Burpee)

i’ll keep this donation page open for a while and see how much money i can raise to help fund the airfare. (i’ll even be chipping in what i can – i don’t want to get away without chipping in for my own venture, after all!)

if i’m not able to raise the funds needed, i can do one of the following for all donors:

  • return your donation
  • donate your donation to a local charity (to be determined – though, i’m open to suggestions)

airfare is the largest expense, and will be the only expense that i will be raising donations for.  aside from airfare, costs will include ticket to the expo ($60/canadian), food, etc… thankfully, i have friends in the area who (i hope!) will allow me to stay with them should i raise enough money to make this happen.

don’t feel like you have to donate – our friendship does not hang on whether or not you chip in a few copper coins. however, if you’ve got a little bit extra burning a hole in your pocket, why not toss it my way? *smile*

if you’d like to donate to this cause, click on the link: HERE!

traveling mercies,

EDIT: if i do come up with the money to make this happen – what should i do as a “thank you!” to everyone who chipped in?

  • photographs of the journey
  • a really killer blog post (or two or three) about the whole experience
  • personalized “thank you” cards mailed to each donor
  • a video of me thanking each donor
  • a video of me singing a song of the donor’s request
  • all of the above
  • other

i’m open to suggestions!


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