two roads diverged…

gah. i’ve meant to stop by these parts and update whomever may stroll by with the happenings going on in this crazy thing i call my life, but as you can tell, that hasn’t happened all that often (sorry – i need to fix that).

with february wrapping up, i’m slowly starting to make plans for travel this year. so far, it’s shaping up to be an exciting year of visiting friends and family:

  • boise / twin falls, idaho (april 12-15)

    Travel Guides

    Travel Guides (Photo credit: Vanessa (EY))

  • calgary, ab, canada (april 25-29)
  • vancouver, bc, canada (july 6)
  • spokane, wa (early august – dates tbd)
  • portland, or (october 13)
  • cincinnati, oh (december 2013 – dates tbd)

of course, i’m sure more will pop up as life progresses (isn’t that always how it is?) so i’m open to more travels (anyone up for a road trip to bend, or in late may for a cake / sigur ros weekend? – message me if so).

i’d like to scratch another stadium off of my list of major league ballparks that i’ve visited, so i’ll have to see about making that happen (suggestions?)

plus, there’s the end of the year over the rhine christmas concert in their hometown of cincinnati, ohio – i think this should be the year i go – want to come with?

all in all, i’m really looking forward to this year.  it will be such a blessing to see old friends, meet new friends, and make memories along the way.

see you on the road.

traveling mercies,


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