a few of my favorite places: bookstores

as you may or may not know, i am a bibliophile: i love to read.  chances are, if you were to ask me at any given time what i am currently reading, i would provide you with more than one answer.

my reason?  life is too short only read one book at a time.

i even listen to audio books thanks to services like overdrive and my local public library (besides, it makes the work day go faster).

i’ve begun to amass a collection of books at my office – dear literary friends that make me smile when i see their titles line my desk.

when it comes to bookstores, i’m an addict.  by rule, i’m not one who likes shopping very much (unless it’s antiquing), but bookstores are an exception to that rule.

one of the many things i love about living in the pacific northwest is the sheer number of bookstores in and around the area.  it seems as though you are never far away from a local independent bookseller (rejoice!).

with that in mind, here are three of my favorites (in no particular order) –

powell’s books (portland, oregon)

English: Powell's City of Books

Powell’s City of Books (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










how could the largest independent bookstore in the country not make my list?  i’ve been known to drive down to portland for the day (about 6 hours round trip) just to spend the day inside it’s four walls.  trust me – this place is legendary. no trip to portland would be complete without your stopping by here.  my absolute favorite? perhaps. (p.s. – next time you’re heading to portland – let me know – i’ll either want to come with you, or send you with my wish list).

elliott bay book company (seattle, wa)

Elliott bay: Seattle's legendary independent b...

Elliott Bay Book Company(Photo credit: Nicola)








am i thankful that this bookstore is just a short walk away from my office? you bet i am. have i spent more than my fair share of a paycheck here? guilty as charged.  will i take you here if you ever come to seattle and visit? you’d better believe it.


auntie’s bookstore (spokane, wa)

Auntie's Bookstore (photo credit: dimedays.wordpress)

Auntie’s Bookstore (Photo credit: dimedays.wordpress.com)










this is the bookstore that taught me how to love books. i remember growing up in eastern washington, any chance i could get to wander the aisles of this local treasure i took without a second thought. their customer service? amazing – once i was looking for a book by w.h. auden – they didn’t have it in stock – instead of sending me away unhappy, they offered to order it for me and give me 10% off list price.  it’s service like that that keeps me coming back any time i’m in town.

how about you? what are some of your favorite bookstores?  which shops are you taking me to should i happen to be visiting your hometown?

traveling mercies,


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