life on the road: boise, idaho (part 1)

lovely and i are heading to boise, idaho on friday to spend some time with family for a long(ish) weekend.  sadly, we’ll have to go back to reality after only a few short days off as she has to be back in the office the following tuesday.  still, i’m looking forward to it.

there’s something about the open road: copious amounts of music at my fingertips, the possibilities of seeing strange and wonderful things along the way (who knows what we’ll find?), and just simply getting out on the road.

i’m looking forward to hanging out with my brother-in-law (i joke with lovely that we wouldn’t need her for us to be friends, though she’s a welcome addition), trying new local pints of the good stuff, and just, well, being with family.

below is a map of our route.  if you have any suggestions for things to see, places to eat, etc (that are on the way) let me know.  i always love trying new things.

i’ll bring my camera along for the ride to snap photos – don’t worry about that. :)

traveling mercies,


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