that’s it…

i was rereading through an old blog that i used to keep some time ago and i couldn’t help but be amazed at my honesty there.

i think i’ve fallen into a pit that says, “unless it’s worth writing, it’s not worth writing about.” (and i haven’t the slightest if that even makes sense, but it is what it is).

damn it. i need to just show up and write – doesn’t even have to be about anything good. the thing that i get stuck in is believing that everything has to be perfect to share it: life circumstances on one end of the spectrum, proper grammar on the other end.

i absolutely adored the conversations that i had on my old blog with strangers and friends – conversations birthed out of my simply showing up and being honest (really, i write for my own personal therapy more than anything else – you should see my twitter account!).

it’s time to hop back on the saddle – time to no longer be concerned with what others think about me or my ability to express myself.

it’s may 2nd. i’m going to show up and write something every. day. this month.

damn it.

traveling mercies,


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