owls are in right now, right?

well, that didn’t last long, did it? (my goal of showing up and writing something here every day this month)

oh well. let’s just see how often i can show up this month then.

this morning in our way in to work, lovely and i were talking about something i found amusing, to which i replied, “it was a hoot!”

she then quickly commented about how she’s amused by my antiquated words – “it was a hoot?!?” she replied, laughing.

“your mom’s a hoot!” i quickly retorted.

i defended myself later on twitter by saying “owls are in right now, right?”

all of that got me thinking about how i am getting older – it’s little things like this (saying an old phrase) that just reminds me of it.

i’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that some of the people i hang out with weren’t even alive when nirvana’s nevermind hit stores. still trying to remember that there are friends who do not recall there ever being an east germany and a west germany. still grappling with the thought that i know people who entirely missed the 80s.


i absolutely adore my circle of friends. they range from a few months old to their late 80s / early 90s. each one teaches me so much about love, about life, and about how beautiful all of it can be.

i’m thankful.

life’s a hoot.

traveling mercies,

currently listening to (and cannot get out of my head, for that matter) – “Hurt” – Johnny Cash covering NIN (it gives me shivers every time i listen to it…)


One thought on “owls are in right now, right?

  1. Hoot? antiquated? I disagree wholeheartedly! (I grew up around owls as they were the mascot for the school district. I know all the puns in which to PUNish your lovely MUAHAHAHAHA!) Owl see you later!

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