honesty & the search for kind souls

life has thrown some interesting curves lately: lovely lost her wallet on friday, and sadly a good samaritan wasn’t one who found it.

a day later, we noticed small charges on some of the cards for vending machine purchases.

the next few days were spent changing account numbers, blocking cards, and contacting credit bureaus.

here’s hoping that that is enough (i think it will be).

it’s sad, knowing that there are few people you can trust these days.

i think back to a time when i was a small child -probably around 10-12 years of age – i found a woman’s wallet outside of my childhood home.  inside, there were a few coupons from a local grocery store, a driver’s license, and a contact phone number.

after calling the woman, we made arrangements to meet at her home (my mom giving me a lift). she thanked me profusely by giving me a batch of homemade cookies and constantly saying “thank you, thank you, thank you!”

turns out, she had her purse ripped from her hands while at the grocery store.

she lost some cash in her wallet, and a few other small items (that could be replaced).

she told me how thankful she was that honest people still walk the face of the earth.

this past weekend, i was hoping for one of those honest souls to find lovely’s wallet.

didn’t happen.

we’re hoping that the vending machine charges that were made on our accounts were because whoever found the wallet was hungry and needed a meal.

still, it’s tough to swallow (pun not intended).

i hate how selfish people can be – how “me centered” we really are.  i wish that we all viewed life as precious and sacred, knowing that we’re all struggling to make sense of the unique journeys we are on.  i wish we focused more on taking care of others and not only looking out for our own needs.

i’m mad at the $#@#(#! who stole her wallet.

but it encourages me to be even kinder to others, looking out for those who come into my life if nothing else.

traveling mercies,



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